Funbites Review! Great tool for picky eaters!

I think FunBites is a product anyone with small children should have! Especially families with picky eaters!

You’re probably wondering, “What is FunBites?” That’s what I thought the first time I saw it. FunBites is a tool that cuts kid-friendly foods into bite-sized fun shapes!

Kids like junk food. I know mine do. Just like so many other moms, I want my kids to eat healthier. You can use FunBites to cut sandwiches, pancakes, fruit, cheese, pizza, and so many other foods into cute little bite-sized shapes.

I read this on FunBites website, “A recent Cornell University study finds that kids are “significantly influenced by the shape, size and visual appearance of food presented to them.”  The study follows to demonstrate “kids can be prompted to eat healthier with a little creativity and by making eating fun.””

Makes sense to me!

Each FunBites Pack includes a high performance curved blade cutter that quickly creates small bites and a matching popper top that pops out food instantly so hands are clean, food is untouched.  FunBites is 100% MADE IN THE USA, BPA FREE, Mom invented, hand wash or dishwasher safe.

You can choose between the Cube It! FunBites that makes little cubes or the Luv It! FunBites that makes a big heart from 10 geometric shapes. You can also purchase both FunBites shapes and save almost $4!

FunBites sent us the Luv It! FunBites to review! I knew Emily would enjoy that the most. She’s 8, and she’s always asking me to cut the crust off her bread and cut her sandwiches into triangles. I wish I would have had FunBites when my girls were toddlers. FunBites would have really come in handy! Both of the my daughters enjoyed their heart shaped sandwiches!

I started using the FunBites all wrong. I can’t even explain what I was doing, but trust me….it was just all wrong. I was mutilating my poor sandwich. Abi had to help me lol! It is super easy when you’re doing it right!

Step 1: Place FunBites cutter on top of food.  Remove popper top and set to the side.

Step 2: Grab cutter handles on both sides, press down firmly and rock 5-6 times to cut through the food.

Step 3: Lift the cutter up, insert popper top and pop out the bite-sized pieces!

FunBites is dishwasher safe, but it’s best to handwash.

FunBites sale for $12.99 each, or you can get both shapes for $22! You can purchase them here. 

Even if you don’t have picky eaters, FunBites just make food more fun!

Stick around! FunBites will be sponsoring a giveaway so one of you will be able to win the FunBites of your choice! Hopefully, I get that started tonight. I’m working on it! 🙂

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