Dotmine Day Planner Review

My life is busy. I have to keep up with kids, product reviews, appointments, etc. I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’re in the same boat as me. If you’re also like me, you have a hard time remembering everything you’re supposed to do and when you’re supposed to do it. That’s why I am so excited I was lucky enough to be able to review a Dotmine Day Planner! 

Dotmine Day Planners offer so much more than your plain day planners. Dotmine makes planners that are cute, functional, and affordable! Dotmine planners help families, students, and professionals keep their lives organized.

Dotmine Day Planners offers four types of planners:

I received the LIFE_TIME.MINE in Moor Pink. Incase you haven’t noticed, pink is my favorite color!

I have tried so many time to make “to do” lists, grocery lists, and schedules with apps on my phone, but I never follow through. I’ve also tried the sticky note method to remember tasks, only to lose them. I’ve had a hard time with other planners because they don’t have enough room for my notes, or they’re bulky and boring looking.

The Moor Pink LIFE_TIME.MINE is beautiful! It features:

  • Size: 7 x 9 inches
  • 17-month planners, August – December
  • Modern cover designs are printed on a durable leather
  • Monthly and weekly planning pages on crisp white paper
  • Perfect bound with ribbon bookmark and bungee closure
  • Back pocket holds papers in place
  • Unique master schedule and planning guide
  • Personal roadmap and life organizational pages included
  • Work notes pages to keep you on track and in charge

This Dotmine planner is not only super cute, it’s not bulky at all. I’ve been carrying it around with me everywhere since I received it. The ribbon bookmark makes it easy to find your place so you don’t have to keep flipping or bending your pages to bookmark them.

Maybe I’m old school, but I like that I can write my notes, lists, reminders, and schedules. I like that I can flip through and see what I’m supposed to be doing. It makes me feel more accomplished when I cross things off my list.

There’s a worksheet inside to keep regular weekly activities scheduled. There’s a master weekly section where you can go into more detail about what you need to do. You can make notes in the perforated margins that you can tear out and take with you.

There’s a “Life” section where you can jot down important phone numbers, notes or reminders pertaining to your life. Use the “Work” section for notes or reminders regarding work. There’s a general note section in the back of the book that I’ve been using to keep up with my sign on information for different websites.

If you’re needing a bit more organization in your life, try out Dotmine. It will work….as long as you give it a chance and actually use it! Head here if you want to check them out for yourself! They range from $13.99 to $24.99. Not bad considering you’ll be using it for over a year!

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There’s enough time to get your Dotmine ordered now so you can start off 2013 organized! YEAH!



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