Dot Mine Day Planner Review

Back in August, Dot Mine sent me a day planner to try out and review.

I know in present technology-filled days, many people use their smart phones to keep up with appointments, lists, and reminders. Call me old school, but I like an old fashioned day planner and a pencil.

I’ve also had a problem finding a day planner that I can actually afford, that is cute, and that does all I want it to until coming across Dot Mine.

With Dot Mine, you can choose which type of planner best suits you. You can choose between Life_Time.mine, Family_Time.mine, or Time_mine.

life c'sest la vie

Life_Time.mine helps professionals create a work-life balance and juggle multiple priorities. It contains a month planner spread, weekly planner spread, weekly schedule, work page, life, page and more! And it comes in pink, C’est La Vie (pictured above) or a bright blue, Happy Tune.

ft dutch treat

Family_Time.mine is a total mom planner, and the one I chose to review! I got the Dutch Treat, pictured above. It comes in two other super cute designs as well.

The Family_Time.mine planner has a monthly planner, weekly planner, weekly 2-page spread, seasonal planner, kid’s stuff page, babysitting page and more!

I love that I can keep up with personal appointments, appointments for my girls, and I throw work appointments in as well. I also use it to write down my bills and my budget. I make notes on the side pages, that are perforated, of things I need to buy and what I’m cooking for dinner.

AND, it fits in my purse!

I didn’t take pics of my planner because it’s pretty personal. I didn’t realize how personal it was until I was going through it a second ago. It really is a life saver for me because if I don’t write down to-do lists or various reminders, I really will forget things or overlook tasks.

Most awesome thing about the Family_Time.mine? It’s just $24.99!!

little free bird

The time_mine is the most basic planner. This is perfect for the student planner who needs help organizing and loves a cute planner!

I miss the simpler days when a planner like this would work for me lol.

The planners run from August 2014-December 2015. They’ll start selling the 2015-2016’s around next August.

These planners would be great if you’re looking for a way to organize your life whether it’s professional, family, or you are a student and just need a little help.

Like I said, they are cute, affordable and FUNCTIONAL. That’s really hard to find. I know. I’ve been using planners for years, and the Dot Mine planners have always been my fave. I’ve even customized a very expensive competitor of their’s planner before, and I still prefer my Dot Mine.

If you’re ready to shop, head here. Not only would this make a great gift for yourself, but this would also make a great gift for anyone in your life who could use a little organization. I’m thinking of getting my oldest daughter the Time_mine for Christmas.

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